Yoga Class Openings

yoga class openings

Yoga Class Openings

Over the years I have arranged many many yoga class opening scripts that I use when I begin teaching a yoga class, I sometimes mesh phrases from meditation books that I have read, then I may add some words from poetry (John O Donohue and David Whyte are two of my favourites) and I also take bits from yoga books, here’s three short ones, enjoy xx

Let’s arrive in Sukhasana Pose (Easy Pose)
sitting with your breaths to arrive
Breaths…entering and exiting through your nostrils
Now bring your internal gaze to the space between the eyes… and with each breath dive deeper into this space, like diving into the depths of a deep blue sea
you may wish to use this quiet time now to create an intention for your practice, or a mantra you would like to repeat whilst you flow…seal it now deep within you
(pause 1 min)
Slowly bring your awareness back to the cycling of breath, let’s begin

Let’s begin in Balasana (Child’s Pose)
Take a breath in and notice your ribs expand…take a breath out and notice how your ribs contract. Again….breathing in ribs and waist expand…breathing out ribs and waist contract…continue this
Now begin to become aware of your body as a whole….notice the outline of your skin… the weight of your body and the sense of gravity bearing down on it… notice the parts of your body that are in contact with the mat
(silent pause 1 min)
Return now to the passage of the breath flowing through you and keep an awareness of the flow of this breath as you practice
Work with the body you have brought to the mat today… take child’s pose when you feel the need for rest, let’s begin

Coming into Balasana (Child’s Pose) to begin
Become aware of the beam of light behind your eyes, allow this light to lead you into a deeper state of stillness as you arrive here for your practice…letting go of all your responsibilities and your tasks as you find this deeper state of inner stillness
Become softer…soften your shoulders… jaw… face and allow your tounge to fall to the bottom of your mouth softening your lower face… resist any urge to clench up
On your out breath release any feelings of tension …feel a sense of a let-go…perhaps your intention for this practice can be to flow in the now… to JUST BE…here with life…on your mat…you and your practice
(pause 1 minute)
Let’s begin

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